Corporate Surveillance

What is Corporate Surveillance?

Put simply, corporate surveillance is the practice of observing someone covertly who you suspect is behaving in a manner that may be detrimental to your business. Most business owners have neither the resources nor time to do this for themselves. Instead, businesses will hire a private investigation firm to professionally and discreetly monitor the situation on their behalf.

If you suspect one of your employees is behaving fraudulently or is involved in activity that could possibly have a detrimental effect on your business, then corporate surveillance could be for you.

Corporate surveillance is a useful tool to help managers and business owners keep track of what exactly is going on in their business. Employees falsely filling in timesheets or stealing stock, directors abusing their position, or extended sick leave being taken on false grounds can all cost companies dearly.

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    They were amazing, 100% would use again but obviously gutted about finding out the truth, but my gut instinct was right. We got too the truth, you have to be prepared for any outcome when you go down this path. Good luck and hope you never need to do this



    Outstanding service! Matt was very professional and I was kept up to date continuously. Price was really reasonable and would definitely use this service again!



    Simple, honest and effective investigation.

    There are probably a lot of scammers out there but Matt and his team were professional and dealt with my issue in a sensitive manner. Not once was I pressured into anything, I felt completely relaxed and confident throughout the process.



    Really happy with the service I received from the team. Great response rate, incredibly efficient and always delivered as promised. Thank you for all your help and taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

    Sally McPherson

    What does corporate surveillance involve?

    Corporate surveillance covers a wide range of tools and practices that help business owners keep track of what’s going on in their business. If for instance you were worried about fleet vehicles being used inappropriately, such as being used away from agreed routes or for personal business, then vehicle tracking can help you see what’s really going on. Various legal methods are utilised to gain the information necessary to enable business owners to get the full picture.

    Who may need corporate surveillance?

    Any company that employs staff might want to consider corporate surveillance. Business plans, data, and board level information can be leaked by employees to rival competitors. Corporate espionage costs UK businesses millions every year. Corporate surveillance can help discover if suspicions are correct and who is responsible for the leaks.

    Another area that can be costly for companies is that of sick leave. While staff will always need time off for genuine reasons, if you suspect that someone is taking repeated unwarranted absences or is in the middle of a long-term absence when they are capable of working, it’s not unreasonable to want to find out what’s really going on. By covertly observing the individual in question you can gather the information you need to make an informed decision.

    Theft from business is another area that can be costly if left unchecked. Most people at work are honest, but a persistent offender can cost your business dearly. If stock is going missing or staff are having valuables stolen from the workplace, then it’s important to put a stop to it as quickly as possible.

    mb intelligence will give you the information you need

    Good business decisions are based on good data. Our highly trained and experienced ex-military, police and intelligence service professionals at mb intelligence will gather the information necessary for you to make a judgement, with court-admissible reports of all findings.

    To find out more about the services mb intelligence can offer and to discuss your particular requirements, contact us today and we will review your case in strict confidence.

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