Debtor Tracing

If you are struggling to recover an outstanding debt from a missing individual, confirming their location can allow you to continue to take steps to resolve the issues you face.

This can be as simple as the debtor moving to a new home and not updating their details, moving away from their geographic location, or actively evading your attempts at contact. Contacting debtor tracing agents can allow you to quickly and effectively get the ball rolling on tracing debtors and re-opening lines of communication or pursuing appropriate action.

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    They were amazing, 100% would use again but obviously gutted about finding out the truth, but my gut instinct was right. We got too the truth, you have to be prepared for any outcome when you go down this path. Good luck and hope you never need to do this



    Outstanding service! Matt was very professional and I was kept up to date continuously. Price was really reasonable and would definitely use this service again!



    Simple, honest and effective investigation.

    There are probably a lot of scammers out there but Matt and his team were professional and dealt with my issue in a sensitive manner. Not once was I pressured into anything, I felt completely relaxed and confident throughout the process.



    Really happy with the service I received from the team. Great response rate, incredibly efficient and always delivered as promised. Thank you for all your help and taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

    Sally McPherson

    Who may require these services?

    Any individual, business, or organisation that has loaned an agreed amount of money to an individual can make use of debtor tracing services.

    These most commonly take the form of small or large companies looking to follow up on unpaid invoices, formal debt, or the recovery of personal loans.

    What tools are used in debtor tracing?

    Modern debtor tracing is assisted by a number of digital tools that make debtor tracing services cost effective and highly efficient. This allows our teams to quickly validate any initial information you provide to us and conduct our own boots-on-the-ground research in a highly systematic way.

    This enables us to take a rigorous approach to confirming the identity and location of the debtor covertly, ensuring that they are not alerted about your search until you are ready to contact them directly or take any legal action that you have a right to pursue.

    What is the process?

    Once an individual is located, their details will be fully validated and passed onto you or your legal representation, depending on the circumstances. After completing the trace, our team can then be utilised to actively pursue the outstanding amount and ensure the issue is resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

    This allows you to save time and effort when it comes to reclaiming an outstanding debt, making the use of a debtor finder a viable and valid decision at any stage of the process.

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