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What is infidelity?

According to the dictionary, infidelity is “the action or state of being unfaithful to a partner”. This can include sexual infidelity, romantic infidelity or emotional infidelity. What may be considered infidelity to one couple, might not to another. Every relationship and experience of infidelity will be different, but equally as important to an individual.

Signs of infidelity

There are no sure-fire signs of infidelity but changes in a partner’s behaviour might indicate something untoward is happening. They may become distant or defensive, they may be reluctant to answer their phone when you are present, its usage may increase considerably, or perhaps they become protective over their computer history.

Other signs might include working late much more often or extended periods of staying away from home, becoming defensive when confronted about their reasons. More tangible signals might be decreased interest in sexual relations, objects found that do not belong to yourself, or you may have even seen concerning messages.

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    They were amazing, 100% would use again but obviously gutted about finding out the truth, but my gut instinct was right. We got too the truth, you have to be prepared for any outcome when you go down this path. Good luck and hope you never need to do this



    Outstanding service! Matt was very professional and I was kept up to date continuously. Price was really reasonable and would definitely use this service again!



    Simple, honest and effective investigation.

    There are probably a lot of scammers out there but Matt and his team were professional and dealt with my issue in a sensitive manner. Not once was I pressured into anything, I felt completely relaxed and confident throughout the process.



    Really happy with the service I received from the team. Great response rate, incredibly efficient and always delivered as promised. Thank you for all your help and taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

    Sally McPherson

    Finding out if your suspicions are correct

    If you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful behind your back it is often the uncertainty that is the hardest thing to take. You may feel that you are living in limbo, incapable of moving forward. You might wonder if you are just being paranoid but can’t shake-off the sense that something is wrong. This period can feel like emotional torture.

    Having proof of an affair or otherwise can give you a sense of closure. Discreet and legal infidelity surveillance can provide you with all the information you need.

    What does infidelity surveillance involve?

    No two investigations are the same, so the approach taken will be tailored to your particular case. mb intelligence can monitor your partner’s movements and activity to identify lies and gather evidence of who they may be meeting and their behaviour. Services and prices vary depending on what is required to make a full assessment of a partner’s behaviour. For instance, GPS tracking may be used to monitor their whereabouts and cross-reference with where they have told you they would be. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to recover deleted text messages or computer browsing history. Hidden financial assets can also be uncovered if you are concerned about your spouse owning additional property that has not been disclosed to you for whatever reason.

    Discretion is key

    Relationships are private and mb intelligence can assure you that each case is treated with sensitivity and complete discretion. If no evidence of infidelity is found, then the investigation will remain solely within your knowledge unless you wish to disclose it yourself.

    Evidence for divorce

    If a client is considering divorce proceedings, evidence of infidelity gathered by a private investigator can provide a case file that is beyond reasonable doubt and is unlikely to be contested. Even when divorce proceedings are not envisaged at first, the level of evidence gathered will be of a court-admissible standard that provides the client with the option to pursue legal proceedings at a later date if necessary.

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    The team at mb intelligence are committed to helping you put an end to the uncertainty and worry. Our team of ex-military, police and intelligence service professionals promise discretion and professionalism. If you want to find out more about what an infidelity investigation can do for you, please get in touch.

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