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When preparing evidence for a court case, it is vital to have an intricate knowledge of the law surrounding your specific case requirements. Often solicitors will provide stock answers based on previous cases and will not fully study the laws specific to your case. Using a team of specially-trained investigators from a legal background, we will first assess the laws as they pertain to your case prior to seeking the evidence you require. We offer case-building services, including witness statements and evidence collection right through to physically building your case for court-presentation.

If it is required that court-documents be served to someone, we can also provide process-serving to ensure that these papers get into the right hands. In the case that the subject chooses to ignore the documents, our operatives will video-record the serving to provide
undeniable evidence that the person has received them.

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    Why use legal research and investigation?

    If you are looking to gather evidence for your court, it is important to know exactly what is necessary to aid your case and what is legally obtainable. It is not uncommon for solicitors to be unequipped to gather evidence or even provide advice on what evidence is appropriate for your case. Our legal research and investigation team will be appointed to your specific case, to ensure that all legal aspects are covered and advised upon appropriately. The full extent of our resources across all areas grants us a much wider scope than most solicitors in providing you with a service that is going to be a strong asset to getting the results you want in court.


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    They were amazing, 100% would use again but obviously gutted about finding out the truth, but my gut instinct was right. We got too the truth, you have to be prepared for any outcome when you go down this path. Good luck and hope you never need to do this



    Outstanding service! Matt was very professional and I was kept up to date continuously. Price was really reasonable and would definitely use this service again!



    Simple, honest and effective investigation.

    There are probably a lot of scammers out there but Matt and his team were professional and dealt with my issue in a sensitive manner. Not once was I pressured into anything, I felt completely relaxed and confident throughout the process.



    Really happy with the service I received from the team. Great response rate, incredibly efficient and always delivered as promised. Thank you for all your help and taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

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