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Vehicle tracking can have a variety of uses. With discreet deployment and later recovery by our highly-skilled covert operatives, the tracking device is hidden so that the subject is not made aware their vehicle is being tracked. Our team can monitor the movements of a person’s vehicle round-the-clock to build an overview and pattern of their activity. Usually used in conjunction with surveillance, vehicle tracking can identify times most likely to gain physical evidence.

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    Why use vehicle tracking?

    If you believe that your partner may be cheating, tracking their vehicle can allow our team to identify any suspicious addresses visited, building up a pattern of movement and activity to find the days and times that they are most likely to be seeing someone else. Other uses include tracking a debtor to identify a home or work address to ensure they do not attempt to skip out on their debt, or monitoring employees using work vehicles if it is suspected they may be engaging in undesirable activity on working hours. Vehicle tracking can also provide a strong basis to identify potential drug-related activity, as a clear cut pattern of movement usually emerges.


    Monitoring company-vehicles


    Partner infidelity


    Identify home or work address


    Monitor your child’s activity

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    Simple, honest and effective investigation.

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